Patsy cline - crazy - A tribute to Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline was an enchanting, daring American icon whose voice and life continue to fascinate so many. Celebrating Patsy Cline, Inc. (CPC) is striving to create…

Cline wasn't impressed when her husband, Charlie Dick, brought home a demo by a 28-year-old rookie Nashville songwriter named Willie Nelson . Told that the song's title was "Crazy," she responded, "It sure is." But Bradley helped Cline make the song her own with a lush arrangement and understated backing vocals from gospel group the Jordanaires. Cline's vocals, cut in one take, infused Nelson's lyrics with slow-burn sex appeal. "Crazy" set the stage for a sophisticated new phase of the C&W sound known as "countrypolitan," although Cline herself wouldn't be around to shape it: She died in a plane crash less than two years later.

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Patsy Cline - CrazyPatsy Cline - CrazyPatsy Cline - CrazyPatsy Cline - Crazy

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