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This doesn't work for limbs attached by mechanisms. But, if you have a limb that is ruined, and you have a donor Barbie lying around (ahem, one in bad condition but with a lovely limb--ok, this is starting to sound like a horror movie now), here is what you do. To pop out the arm, boil water and dip the limb and torso hole in the boiling water for about 30 seconds. Then, the arm should be easy to pry out (gently!) without splitting the torso vinyl. Then, do the same to the donor doll. Take the desirable limb, again dip the shoulder on the doll receiving the limb in boiling water for 30 seconds, gently put your new limb in, and, there you have it--a whole doll with an improved limb!

And then in mid-May the Sri Lankan army launched a three –pronged offensive and boxed off the Valainjermadam- Mullivaaikkaal- Vattuvaahal area. After that it was too late to attempt a helicopter rescue. So with great sorrow I abandoned the plan. I was furious with Nediyavan and Castro but helpless to do anything.

This causes all sorts of thoughts that there's a problem in the ignition system which is an easy primary voltage test. That's usually a red herring.

The chicks will start to peck their way out of their shells, they don't need any help although some clucking will make them feel at home. Once they are out of their shell they'll take a while to recover from all their hard work and will need to dry off in the incubator.

Poppets - TroublePoppets - TroublePoppets - TroublePoppets - Trouble


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